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021 What Do You Do?

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A: Oh, look, there’s Veronica and her boyfriend. She’s always going on about him at the office. Oh, great, they saw us. They’re coming this way.

B: Oh, man...

C: Jessica! Arthur! Hi! I’d like you to meet my boyfriend Greg, he’s the V. P. of quality and safety for a top Fortune 500 food company.

A: Nice to meet you. This is my husband, Arthur.

B: Hey, how’s it going?

D: Hello.

A: Veronica talks about you all the time. I guess you must be pretty busy at work.

D: Well, yeah, a V. P. position is not easy, you know! I implement policies and procedures nationwide. of various departments, as well as train junior managers in FDA and EPA regulations. I also have to oversee daily ope

B: Wow, yeah... that sounds exciting.

D: And what about you, Arthur? What do you do for a living?

B: Oh, I’m a Top Gun pilot!

Key Vocabulary

go on about - phrase - talk about something a lot

Fortune 500 - phrase - top 500 companies, rated by revenue

implement - principle verb, present progressive - begin to do something, put into action

responsible - Adjective - have the duty or job of taking care of something

nationwide - Adjective - in the whole country

look after - principle verb, infinitive - take care of

oversee - principle verb, present simple - watch and direct to make sure a job is done correctly

quality control - common noun, nonvariable - checking goods to make sure that they are good enough to sell

under me - phrase - working for me

Supplementary Vocabulary

develop relationships - phrase - make good relationships

handle complaints - phrase - look after or take care of complaints

? - phrase - write official documents

coordinate - verb - make arrangements or plans with a group of people

monitor - verb - watch and check

supervise - verb - be in charge of something , watch and direct

ensure - verb - make sure

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