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020 I Can See Clearly Now

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A: Hello, Arthur. What seems to be the problem?

B: Hey doc. Well, I think I might need glasses. I’m getting headaches, and I really struggle to see things that are far away. But I have always had 20/20 vision.

A: Sounds like you may be far-sighted. OK, then, cover your left eye and read the chart in front of you.

B: Mmm. . . X, E, R, 3, a question mark, and I can’t quite make out the other symbol but I think it’s the peace sign.

A: Wow, Arthur! You’re as blind as a bat!

B: Yeah, I know, my vision is really blurry at times.

A: Ok then, head on over to the other room and pick out some frames while I fill out your prescription.

B: Thanks doc!

A: Arthur, that’s the bathroom.

Key Vocabulary

seem to be - Phrase - appears

struggle - Verb try very hard

20/20 vision - Phrase - perfect eyesight

make out - Verb - see

far sighted - Phrase - see far-away things more clearly than things nearby

as blind as a bat - Phrase - have really poor vision

vision - Noun (singular) - ability to see things

blurry - Adjective - not clear

pick out - Phrase - choose

prescription - Noun (singular) - a message written by a doctor that tells people what medicine to take

Supplementary Vocabulary

check-up - Noun (singular) - regular examination by a doctor to make sure a person is healthy

short sighted - Adjective - unable to see things far away (AmE)

nearsighted - Adjective - unable to see things far away (BrE)

contacts - Noun (plural) - lenses you wear directly on your eyes to help you see

optometrist - Noun (singular) - eye doctor

prescribe - Verb - officially tell someone to use a medicine or treatment

lenses - Noun (plural) - clear, curved piece of glass that helps people see better

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