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018 Protest!

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A: This is Action 5 News reporter Sarah O’Connell reporting live from Washington, D. C. where a protest has broken out. Thousands of angry citizens are protesting against the proposed bailout of the auto manufacturing industry! Sir, sir, Sarah O’Connell, Action 5 news. Can you tell us what’s happening?

B: Yeah, yeah, we’re here because we feel this is an injustice! The financial irresponsibility of big business has to stop! We’re there to show the government that we don’t like the way that they’re spending our tax dollars!

A: Sir but what exactly is making everyone so angry?

B: It’s an absolute outrage, Sarah, the US government wants to give 25 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to the auto industry. These are companies that have been mismanaged and are now nearly bankrupt.

A: I see. But, many supporters of the bailout argue that it could help save the jobs of millions of hardworking Americans.

B: That maybe true, and I for one don’t want to see anyone lose their job, but how can these CEOs ask for a bailout when they’re making millions of dollars? And then, they have the nerve to fly to Washington in private jets! This costs hundreds of thousands of dollars! And they’re asking for money! That is just not right!

A: Good point. This is Sarah O’Connell reporting live from Washington D. C., back to you, Tom.

Key Vocabulary

protest - Noun (singular) - an event where people gather together to show disapproval of something

break out - Verb, Present Perfect - start suddenly

bailout - Noun (singular) - the act of saving a company form money problems

injustice - Noun (singular) - an unfair situation

outrage - Noun (singular) - something that is morally wrong

mismanage - Verb, Present Perfect - manage badly

have the nerve - Phrase - dare to

Supplementary Vocabulary

placard - Noun (singular) - sign people hold at protests, usually a piece of cardboard on a stick

rally - Noun (singular) - public meeting in support or opposition of something

demonstration - Noun (singular) - event where people gather together to show that they support or oppose something

demonstrators - Noun (plural) - people who go to a demonstration or protest

opponent - Noun (singular) - a person who opposes something or someone

proponent - Noun (singular) - person who supports someone or something

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