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017 Here Comes the Bride

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A: I can’t believe that Anthony is finally getting married!

B: Yeah well it’s about time! He’s been living with his parents for 40 years!

A: Don’t be mean. Look here come the bridesmaids! Their dresses look beautiful!

B: Who are those kids walking down the aisle?

A: That’s the flower girl and the ring bearer. I’m pretty sure they’re the groom’s niece and nephew. Oh, they look so cute!

B: I just hope the priest makes it quick. I’m starving. I hope the food’s good at the reception.

A: That’s all you ever think about, food! Oh, I think the bride’s coming now! She looks gorgeous. Wait, what’s she doing? Where’s she going?

B: Oh great! Does this mean that the reception is canceled?

Key Vocabulary

married - Adjective - joined in marriage

it’s about time - Phrase - finally

bridesmaid - Noun (plural) - female friends or relatives who helps the bride at a wedding

aisle - Noun (singular) - a passage between sections of seats

flower girl - Noun (singular) - a girl at a wedding that throws flower petals down the aisle

ring bearer - Noun (singular) a boy at a wedding that holds the wedding rings

reception - Noun (singular) - party held to celebrate something or to welcome people

groom - Noun (singular) - a man who is about to be married

bride - Noun (singular) - female who is about to get married

gorgeous - Adjective - very beautiful or attractive

Supplementary Vocabulary

goomsman - Noun (singular) - male friend or relative who helps the groom on the wedding day

maid of honor - Noun (singular) - female fiend or relative who acts as a witness at the wedding

best man - Noun (singular) male friend or relative who acts as a witness at the wedding

ushers - Noun (plural) - men who help guest find their seats

vows - Noun (plural) - promises that the bride and groom make to each other during the wedding ceremony

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