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016 Turn left here!

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A: Hurry up, get in.

B: I’m in, let’s go!

A: OK, make a left here. . . no wait, I meant make a right. Come on, speed up!

B: Geez! What’s the rush?

A: Don’t worry about it, just drive. Oh, no, the light is about to change. . . step on it!

B: Are you nuts! I’m not going to run a red light!

A: Whatever. Just turn right here. . . .The freeway will be packed at this hour. . . .let’s take a side street. Go on! Get out of our way! Move, move!

B: What’s your problem! Geez. Having a fit is not going to help!

A: Here, I know a short cut....just go down here, and we’ll cut though Ashburn Heights. Let’s go, let’s go! Watch out for that lady!

B: I’m going as fast as I can!

A: Yes! We made it. 5:58, just before the library closes.

B: You’re such a geek!

Key Vocabulary

hurry up - Phrase - move faster

make a left - Phrase - turn left

step on it - Phrase - drive a lot faster

nuts - Adjective - crazy

speed up - Verb - go faster

have a fit - Phrase - get very angry

cut though - Phrase - quickly go past or through something that blocks you

packed - Verb  - full, having lots of cars

Supplementary Vocabulary

road rage - Phrase - be very angry at other drivers while driving

back street - Phrase - small street that is away from the main streets

u-turn - Phrase - a 180 degree turn in the car

to back up - Verb, Infinitive - to move backwards, the opposite of go forwards

to pass - Verb, Infinitive - to drive past another car on the road

to park - Verb, Infinitive - to stop the car and turn off the engine

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