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015 I’m sorry, I love you

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A: Whoa, whoa, what’s going on? Watch out!

B: Hey, watch where you’re going!

A: Oh, no! I’m so sorry! Are you all right?

B: Oh...I don’t know.

A: I feel terrible, I really didn’t mean to knock you over. My tire, just exploded, and I lost control of my bike. Really, it was an accident.  Please accept my apologies.

B: Just let me try to stand up.

SONG: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

A: Are you okay?

B: Oh, wait a second, you seem really familiar, I think I know you from somewhere.

A: Yeah, I think we have met somewhere before. That’s right! We met at Aaron’s place last weekend! What a coincidence! But anyway,

I’m glad to see that you’re not too badly hurt, and I should probably get going. I have a nine o’clock meeting.

B: Ouch! My ankle! I think it’s broken! You can’t just leave me like this! Are you calling an ambulance?

A: Nope, I’m canceling my appointment so that I can stay here with you.

SONG: Do you remember when we met? That’s the day I knew you were my pet. I wanna tell you how much I love you.

Key Vocabulary

feel terrible - phrase - sorry

mean - principle verb, present simple - intend, plan

explode - principle verb, past simple - suddenly break apart

accident - common noun, singular - an event that is not planed or intended

familiar - Adjective - probably known, but not clearly remembered

place - common noun, singular - house

coincidence - common noun, singular - situation when two or more things happen at the same time in an unplanned way

knock over - principle verb, infinitive - make something fall over

Supplementary Vocabulary

regret - principle verb, present simple - feel sad or sorry about something

apologetic - Adjective - feeling or showing regret, showing an apology

feel guilty - phrase - feel responsible for doing something bad

unfamiliar - Adjective - not familiar

love at first sight - phrase - falling in love the first time you see someone

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