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013 Out Of Control Spending

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A: OK, so now the last point on our agenda. Jill, let’s go over the profit and loss statement.

B: Great. Well, the main issue here, as you can see, is that our expenses are through the roof.

A: Let’s see... These numbers are off the charts! What’s going on here!

B: Well, um, sir, the company expenditures on entertainment and travel are out of control. Look at these bills for example. Just this month we’ve paid over twenty thousand dollars for hotel charges!

A: OK, thank you. I’ll look into it.

B: The list goes on and on. Here, this is a bill for five thousand dollars for spa treatments!

A: Thank you; that will be all. I’ll take care of it.

B: Look at this one sir, eight thousand dollars were spent in one night at a place called ”Wild Things”?!

A: OK, I get it!! Thank you for your very thorough analysis!

Key Vocabulary

go over - phrase - revise, check

through the roof - phrase - suddenly very high

off the charts - phrase - very high

expenditures - common noun, plural - amount of money spent on something

out of control - phrase - not in control

look into - principle verb, Will Future - investigate, try to get information about something

go on and on - phrase - continues

take care of - principle - verb, Will Future - do something about

Supplementary Vocabulary

revenue - common noun, nonvariable - amount of money paid to a business

cash flow - common noun, nonvariable - the movement of money into and out of a business

the bottom line - phrase - the net profit; the amount of money a business makes after expenses

finances - common noun, nonvariable - the amount of money you have and how well it is organized

income - common noun, nonvariable - the amount of money a person or a company makes

assets - common noun, plural - things of value that are owned by a company

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