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007 Virus!

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A: Oh great! This stupid computer froze again! That’s the third time today! Hey Samuel, can you come take a look at my PC? It’s acting up again. It must have a virus or something.

B: Just give me a second; I’ll be right up.

B: I ran a virus scan on your computer, and it turns out that you have a lot of infected files!

A: But I’m quite careful when I’m browsing the internet, I have no idea how I could have picked up a virus.

B: Well, you have to make sure that your anti-virus software is updated regularly; yours wasn’t up to date, that’s probably what was causing your problems.

A: Ok. Anything else?

B: Yeah, try not to kick or hit the computer!

A: Um yeah… Sorry about that.

Key Vocabulary

freeze - principle verb, present simple - to stop working properly

take a look - phrase - see, revise

act up - principle verb, present simple - not working properly

be right up - phrase - go upstairs soon

pick up - principle verb, present simple - get, acquire

browse - principle verb, present simple - look, search

up to date - phrase - having all the most recent information

Supplementary Vocabulary

monitor - common noun, singular - computer screen

computer tech - common noun, singular - person in a company who fixes computers

corrupt file - common noun, singular - damaged or broken computer file that can’t be opened

surf the net - phrase - look for information on the internet

web browser - common noun, singular - computer program that allows you to go on the internet

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