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006 Road Trip

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A: So, are we all ready to go?

B: Yup, I think so. The car’s packed; we have munchies and music, and the map’s in the car.

A: Did you get the camera?

B: Got it! Did you fill up the tank?

A: Yup, it’s all set.

B: You’re sure we’re not forgetting anything?

A: I’m sure... we’ve got all our bases covered.

B: Well… let’s get going then! I love road trips!

B: Um... do you think we can make a pit stop?

A: But we’ve only been on the road for ten minutes.

B: I know, but I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left.

Key Vocabulary

all ready to go - phrase - prepared, ready to leave

packed - Adjective - full, everything is inside

munchies - common noun, non-variable - snacks, food

fill up the tank - phrase - put gas in the car

all set - phrase - ready

got all the bases covered - phrase - have everything ready

get going - phrase - start, leave, depart

road trip - phrase - long car trip

pit stop - phrase - quick stop for food or gas

Supplementary Vocabulary

trunk - common noun, singular - the luggage area of a car

passenger - common noun, singular - person in a car, not the driver

freeway - common noun, singular - highway

rental car - phrase - a car you rent, a car you pay to borrow

highway toll - phrase - fee paid for using the highway

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