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004 I need an assistant!

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A: ...like I told you before, we just don’t have the resources to hire you an assistant.

B: I understand that, but the fact is we’re understaffed.

A: The timing is just not right. The economy is bad, and it’s too risky to take on new staff.

B: Yeah, I guess you’re right.... here’s an idea, what if we hire an intern? She would take some of the weight off my shoulders.

A: She?

B: Yeah, you know, a recent graduate. She could give me a hand with some of these projects and we could keep our costs down.

A: That sounds reasonable... let me see what I can do.

A: Tony, I’d like to introduce you to your new assistant.

B: OK, great! Let’s meet her!

C: Hi, I’m Adam.

B: Oh... hi... I’m Tony...

Key Vocabulary

resources - common noun, plural - money

understaffed - Adjective - not enough people to do the job

the timing is just not right - phrase - it is not a good time now

weight off my shoulders - phrase - remove pressure or stress

give me a hand -phrase - help

that sounds reasonable -phrase - is OK

Supplementary Vocabulary

recruit - principle verb, infinitive - hire

overworked - Adjective - working too much

short staffed - Adjective - not enough people to do the job

cut costs - phrase - reduce spending

overstaffed - Adjective - having too many employees

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