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001 Difficult Customer

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A: Good evening. My name is Fabio, I’ll be your waiter for tonight. May I take your order?

B: No, I’m still working on it. This menu is not even in English. What’s good here?

A: For you sir, I would recommend spaghetti and meatballs.

B: Does it come with coke and fries?

A: It comes with either soup or salad and a complimentary glass of wine, Sir.

B: I’ll go with the spaghetti and meatballs, salad and the wine.

A: Excellent choice, your order will be ready soon.

B: How soon is soon?

A: Twenty minutes?

B: You know what? I’ll just go grab a burger across the street.

Key Vocabulary

still working on - Phrase - not yet completed, need more time

would recommend - Verb - suggest

complimentary - Adjective - free

go with - Phrase - to choose, pick

grab - Verb - get quickly

Supplementary Vocabulary

waitress - Noun - female server at a restaurant or bar

fast food - Phrase - food prepared and served quickly

impatient - Adjective - uncomfortable waiting, wanting to go

fancy - Adjective - nice, expensive, upscale

casual - Adjective - relaxed, not dressy


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