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090 What ocean is on the East Coast of the United States?

90. What ocean is on the East Coast of the United States?
Atlantic (Ocean)

The east coast of the United States, or the part of the United States that touches the Atlantic Ocean, is also called the Eastern Seaboard or the Atlantic Seaboard. The Eastern Seaboard is the place where the United States began. When Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean, they settled (or built homes and began to live) on the east coast.

Over time, many of the settlements (or new places where they built homes and lived) grew, becoming some of the large cities that are still on the Eastern Seaboard today. Other settlements failed when the people living there died or moved to other places. But one settlement is different because nobody knows what happened to it. This was the famous settlement called the Roanoke Colony; a colony is an area of land that belongs to a country (in this case, England), but is far away from it.

An Englishman named Walter Raleigh wanted to establish (or create) the first English colony in North America on Roanoke Island, which is now part of North
Carolina. Two groups of people tried to live there, but they failed.
This first time, a man named Richard Greville took a group of people to Roanoke Island and then went back to England to get supplies, which are the things that people need to survive, like food, cloth, and tools. However, his return to Roanoke Island was delayed (or happened later than the people had expected). Without these important supplies, the people who lived there decided to leave the island when they had an opportunity and went back to England.

In 1587, another group was left on Roanoke Island and the leader, John White, went back to England for supplies. But he was not able to come back as quickly as he had planned, because England was at war with (or fighting with) Spain and wanted to have all the ships for that war. John wasn’t able to go back to Roanoke Island until 1590, three years after he had left. When he got there, everyone had disappeared, meaning that no one was there. Nobody knew where they had gone.

Some people think that the colonists might have been killed or kidnapped (or taken away) by Native Americans. Other people think that they might have died in a storm while trying to go to another island. We will probably never know the true fate (or what actually happened) of the 117 people on the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.


coast – land next to an ocean
* We're going to spend the weekend at the coast, playing in the sun and eating lots of fresh fish.

colony – an area of land that is far away from the country it belongs to
* Can you name the 13 original colonies that later became the United States?

supplies – things that people need to survive; things and equipment needed for a project
* What kind of supplies should we bring for the camping trip?

to be delayed – to happen later than expected; to have an event begin later than planned
* Our flight was delayed due to bad weather.

at war with (a country) – fighting with another country
* Has the United States ever been at war with Portugal?

to disappear – to no longer be seen; to become lost
* I thought I put my purse over here, but it has disappeared!

to kidnap (someone) – to take someone away, usually because one wants to get money for returning him or her
* Two men kidnapped the lawyer's son and said that they wouldn't give him back until they received $2 million.

fate – the things that happen to someone; outcome; the events that happen in someone’s life
* Would you like to be able to see into the future and know your own fate?