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073 Name the U.S. war between the North and the South.

73. Name the U.S. war between the North and the South.
• The Civil War
• The War between the States

Do you know which war has been the deadliest war for the United States (or the war that has had the most American deaths)? It was the Civil War, where Americans fought against each other. From 1861 to 1865, northern states fought against southern states, sometimes with family members fighting against each other. About 620,000 soldiers (or people who fight in a war) died.

The northern states were called “the Union” and were led by President Abraham Lincoln. The Union was fighting against 11 states in the south that had seceded from the United States (or stopped being a part of the country). They called themselves the Confederate States of America, or sometimes just the Confederacy, and were led by a man named Jefferson Davis.

The Confederacy claimed its independence, or said that it was no longer part of the United States, but no other countries recognized its independence, meaning that no other countries treated it like a new country, even though some British and French companies did sell military supplies (or things to fight with, such as guns) to the Confederacy. The United States treated the Confederacy as a rebellion (or an organized effort to change the leadership of a country).

Although the Confederacy did not exist for very long, it did have an organized government. Jefferson Davis was elected to be the president and he had a full
cabinet, or a group of people to give him ideas and suggestions for the government and to run important government offices. The Confederacy also had its own flag, which is sometimes called the “Navy Jack,” Although most people today call it simply the Confederate flag.

Even though the Confederacy lost the war and the 11 states rejoined the United States (or became part of the country again), many of the people who live in the south are still proud of the Confederacy. Sometimes you can see the Confederate flag flying in the southern United States.


deadliest – with the highest number of deaths
* Snakes and frogs are some of the deadliest animals on Earth.

soldier – a person who fights in the military; a person who fights in a war
* Sometimes soldiers see their best friends die in war.

to secede – for one area of land to stop being a part of a country and become independent
* Do you think a state will ever secede from the United States?

to claim – to say that something is true, especially if other people do not believe it or if one does not have proof
* He claims that he has seen aliens from other planets, but I don't believe it.

to recognize (a country's) independence – to agree that a new country has been created and treat an area of land as a new country instead of as part of another country
* Which countries were the first ones to recognize our independence?

military supplies – things that are needed to fight a war, like guns
* Without military supplies, an army is useless.

rebellion – an organized effort to change the leadership of a country
* If a government doesn't take good care of its people, there will be a rebellion.

cabinet – a group of people who give advice, information, and ideas to the U.S. president on many important issues
* Some presidents choose not to listen to their cabinet.

to rejoin (something) – to become part of something again; to become part of something that one used to be a part of
* I thought you stopped being a member of our club. When did you rejoin?