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027 In what month do we vote for President?

27. In what month do we vote for President?

In the United States, the president has to be re-elected every four years. The elections take place (or are held) every four years in November. Every U.S. citizen
who is at least 18 years old can vote for president (or say who he or she would like to become president).

U.S. citizens have to register (or sign up) to be able to vote. They need to fill out a voter registration card (or form) with their name and address. With just one voter registration card, you can register to vote in national, state, and local elections.

On election day, registered voters can go to the voting booth that they have been assigned to (or asked to go to). At the voting booth, they get a ballot, or a piece of paper with the names of people who are running for office (or trying to get a public position). On this ballot, they indicate (or show) which person they would like to vote for. Doing this is known as casting a ballot.

In many states, voters are allowed to vote by mail. They don’t need to go to a voting booth. Instead, a ballot is mailed to their home. They need to fill it out and mail it to the correct address by (or before) a certain date to have their vote counted (or included) in the election. U.S. citizens who are living in other countries can also vote by mail.

Unlike in some other countries, voting is optional in the United States, meaning that people can choose to do it, but they don’t have to. Many people choose not to vote and never fill out a voter registration card. In the 2004 presidential elections, only 60% of eligible voters voted, meaning that 60% of all the people who could vote did. Many organizations try to get more people to register to vote and participate in the elections, because they believe that our government would be stronger if more people voted.

27. In what month do we vote for President?

to take place – to happen; to occur
* The reception will take place immediately after the wedding.

to vote – to say whom one would like to have enter a public office; to say whom one would like to have work in a public job
* Did you vote for the new proposal to give more money to schools?

to register – to sign up for something; to put one's name on a list to be able to do something
* Let’s go register for classes before the classes we want are full.

voter registration card – a form that one writes information on to be allowed to vote
* Will I need to fill out a new voter registration card when I move?

voting booth – a place where people go to vote; a tall box or area with one open side where people go to vote
* Each voting booth has curtains hanging around it so that people can vote without others seeing who or what they are voting for.

ballot – a piece of paper with the names of people who are trying to get a public office and/or the laws that are being voted on
* There should be only one ballot for each voter.

to indicate – to show something; to make something clear
* That sign indicates that the meeting will be in Conference Room B.

to cast a ballot – to vote; to complete a ballot and give it to the officials
* Only a small percentage of Americans choose to cast a ballot in their local elections.

by – before a date; before something else happens
* Please send me your report by 5:00 p.m.

eligible voter – a person who is allowed to vote; a person who meets all of the requirements to vote
* Can an American in jail be an eligible voter?